Macaron Failure

Macarons are the new craze. Forget about cupcakes and cake pops, I want a macaron!!! I lived in LA and that’s where I heard about them first. Paulette’s Macarons in Beverly Hills introduced these sweet Parisian treats to California. Last year when I was residing in San Francisco, I discovered Miette, which is the cutest little cake and macaron shop in Hayes Valley. Closest thing I could get to a ‘lette’s macaron. Here in Sacramento, there is only one place that I would consider getting this delicious cookie, Ginger Elizabeth in downtown. Ginger Elizabeth is a chocolatier that also happens to sell macarons and a delicious salted caramel macaron ice cream sandwich. Anyway, these tiny little cookie sandwiches are quite expensive. Average price for one: $1.75.

So you can see why I would want to make them myself. When I was still living in San Francisco I attempted to bake a batch. I tried blanching sliced almonds and grinding them myself. I had no idea how much you had to process them. I also did not beat the egg whites enough so the dough/batter (whatever you wanna call it) was extremely runny. I tried baking them anyway, no bueno.

After that massive failure, I googled, googled and googled. I then found a recipe with great directions. I tried last week. Although it’s not the prettiest attempt, they at least tasted good and had decent texture. I’m pretty sure I know how to fix what I did wrong.

I am going to attempt another batch today, wish me luck. I’ll be posting pics later tonight.

Back and Forth

When I started this blog a few weeks ago I had all the intentions to cook as much as possible, live life and write about it regularly. It’s been kind of rough because my little family is going back and forth from San Francisco and Sacramento all the time. We’re in the middle of transitioning to move back to our hometown, Sacramento. We’re also moving back in with family until we can find a home to call our own and so that they can help us with our baby. It’s going to be hard to cook there because I won’t have any of my kitchen tools. In the meantime, I’ll probably be dining out a lot and talking about that. So bear with me!

Hello World!

Here goes nothin’! My name is Vivian and I recently became a Mother! I’m mostly Vietnamese and a little Chinese. I have a baby girl named Elsa that just turned 4 months old yesterday. We live with her Daddy, Khanh, who is also Vietnamese and Chinese. I enjoy cooking and baking for him. I’ve started many blogs in the past but never managed to keep up. I guess I never felt like there was anything worth blogging about in my life until now. I’m here to share my experiences of having a new family, being a mom and a home cook. I’d love feedback or advice from any of my followers. Cheers!