Hatchimals and Pumpkin Patches

Elsa has been asking for a hatchimal for days… She only knows about it because I told her about the darn things. It’s possible that I really just wanted one for myself and am living vicariously through her. If you don’t know what a hatchimal is, it’s like a real life tamagotchi! Remember those little electronic dinosaur things you had to take care of? ¬†If not, they looked like this:


Anyhow, here’s Elsa holding her hatchimals before it started hatching:


And here’s a quick vid while it’s hatching:

After surprising her with the hatchimal¬†we went to Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon which wasn’t super fun but she got to pick out a pumpkin. If you’re in the Sacramento area with young kids, I’d recommend Fog Willow Farms instead. They’ve got activities for the kids and animals they can pet. But if you’re wanting to do a corn maze (which we didn’t feel comfortable doing with Elsa) Cool Patch has a world record one that costs $15/person to check out.


BTW, Here’s her hatchimal. She’s appropriately named her Eggie: