Finals are over!

Ahhh… Relief! At least for the time being! It’s been over 2 months since I’ve made a single post. School was taking up so much time and any free time went to Elsa, my daughter. Christmas came and went so fast! I wish it could’ve lasted longer but the moment those presents are open, the joy of not knowing what’s in those boxes is over. I did get some pretty awesome gifts though! A Fuji x10 and an engagement ring were the most noteworthy! Elsa had a great first Christmas too, she got a whole lot of toys and clothes. Everything an 11 month old could ask for.


I haven’t been cooking too much because of the crazy school schedule. I did however, make prime rib and pumpkin pie completely from scratch for Thanksgiving and pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes on Christmas with the left over pumpkin purée I made on Thanksgiving. Recipes will be posted when I get to the laptop.

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