Salt! From human tears?

Soooooooo, this is kind of odd question to ask at the dining table, “Can you pass the human tears salt grinder, please?” To my fellow food enthusiasts, I want to know if this is something you’d have at the dining table. Leave comments! Let me know what you think!

I read this post on

Season Your Food With Salt From Real Human Tears

Would you like to season your french fries with some anger? No, really. I’m not being aggressive. Would you? Because the folks at Hoxton Street Monster Supplies have gotten really weird with it and made a line of salts from different types of human tears.

Just in case you didn’t process that one, yes, these condiments were harvested from the fruits of different emotions. And they’re real and you can actually buy them. Imagine how interesting that would make your next dinner party. Offer your guests the option of adding flavor to their food with salt made from tears of anger, which would probably taste rather fiery; tears shed from chopping onions, which presumably have a bit of a bite; tears of laughter, which are likely sweeter; tears of sorrow, which have to be pretty bitter; and tears shed from sneezing which are just the strangest thing ever.

The salts bring up a question too—how do you know they’re not counterfeit? How were they able to capture these authentic feelings and bottle them into such a wonderfully odd product? “Oh you’re mad at me? Hold on let me just gather your tears into this vial I happen to be carrying.” Probably an uncomfortable situation, but who cares, because, oh god, these tears are delicious.

3 thoughts on “Salt! From human tears?

  1. I think it’s sad..sniff..wait wait, damn I missed it. LOL. Crazy idea thanks for sharing! I can’t bear the thought but I guess there are those crazy enough to buy it or sell their tears for that matter.

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